Chair of Computer Science 3 (Computer Architecture)

The Chair of Computer Science 3 (Computer Architecture) at FAU is engaged in research on parallel computing. The chair was founded in 1966 by the computer pioneer Prof. Wolfgang Händler as one of the first German computer science chairs. In the tradition of the research on parallel computer architecture started at that time, the research is continued with consideration of current processor technologies like FPGAs and GPUs and future technologies like ReRAMs and ferroelectric devices. The focus is on performance modelling of heterogeneous computer architectures, embedded HPC, design and realisation of new special architectures for embedded AI and the use of the latest technologies based on memristive circuits for future ternary processor architectures. The head of the chair is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Fey.

Each year, the chair of computer architecture offers the “supercomputing” lab lecture, which serves the purpose of preparing a team of six students to participate in the student cluster competition at ISC. In the competition at ISC18, twelve teams from all over the world competed to get the highest performance out of their self-assembled mini-clusters for a set of applications...

The paper "Memristive Voltage Divider: A Bipolar ReRAM-based Unit for Non-Volatile Flip-Flops" by Mehrdad Biglari and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Fey has won the "Out Of The Box" award at the Third International Symposium on Memory Systems (MEMSYS 2017) held in Alexandria, VA, USA.