Neuartige Rechnerarchitekturen (NeuRa)

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Neuartige Rechnerarchitekturen (NeuRa)


  • Philipp Holzinger
  • Simon Pfenning
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Fey


The seminar Neuartige Rechnerarchitekturen – abbreviated NeuRa – addresses the topics neuromorphic architectures, embedded AI, in-memory computing and quantum computing.

The participants choose from a couple of articles, which are pre-selected by the supervisors of the seminar, these are Simon Pfenning, Philipp Holzinger and myself, a paper and present the topic of this paper in a talk of 30 minutes. Afterwards an own written text has to be prepared about the student’s seminar topic. For the preparation of the talk the students have one or two meetings with the supervisors.

The seminar takes place as a so-called block seminar, i.e. at the end of the lecturing time, either in the last week or in the week afterwards. All presentations are given in one or two days depending on the number of participants.

For foreign students the seminar presentation is in English. German students can select between German and English.