IntelRadar – Intelligent radar system through a combination of additive manufacturing, hardware-integrated computer architecture and smart test routines


Reliable detection of the enviroment is a precondition to allow the development of fully autonomous vehicles. This makes radar systems one key component
in this highly researched field. The project IntelRadar uses a complementary approach of additive, new manufacturing technology for radome heaters through
printed conductive tracks, optimizations of hardware-integrated computer architectures to improve the achievable sensitivity in radar sensor technology and
simultaneous development of intelligent, adapted test systems via machine learning. The combination of these three fields will allow for miniaturized, reliable
sensors and faster testing routines which can decrease the overall cost of the manufacturing process allowing the usage in even small cars.

The chair of computer science 3 (computer architecture) is responsible for the optimizations in the signal processing of the sensor itself as well as the
architecture of the intelligent test systems in collaboration with industrial partners. The manufacturing technology for radome heaters is pursued by the FAPS chair.
In the end of the project a demonstrator will be created to validate this holistic approach.